Affiliated To संत गहिरा गुरु विश्वविद्यालय, सरगुजा, अम्बिकापुर, छत्‍तीसगढ़

B.A. Sociology

B. A. I



Department of Sociology – After successful completionof there year degree Sociology a Student should be able to.

Program Outcome of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Student seeking admission for B. A. Programme areexpected to imbue with following quality which help theme in their future lifeto achieve the expected goals.

PO1- Realization of human values.

PO2- Sense of social service.

PO3- Responsible and dutiful citizen.

PO4- Critical temper.

PO5- Creative ability.


Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1- to Introduce with Social transaction, Socialrelations. Social formations, social control, social value


PSO2- Knowing the significance of social institutioncaste system religion nationalism integrity equality

            And justice.

PSO3- Learn/Getting the knowledge of the works ofsocial reformers all over the nation.

PSO4- Ability to follow new stream of thoughts andtheories of social thinkers.

PSO5- Getting the deep knowledge about various socialgroups like tribal community, woman bulk etc.

PSO6- Ability to deal with research in sociology.


Course outcome

B. A. Part – I

Paper no-I, Introduction to sociology

Paper no-II, Contemporary Indian society

CO1- Introduction to the basic concept of sociology,subject matter & importance of sociology and origin
          and development of sociology.

CO2- Understanding in brief the knowledge of humansociety and sociology.


Scientific method

CO1- Implementing the Scientific approach in thestudent.

CO2- Introduction to the various scientific methods inthe Students.

CO3- Developing the research attitude among student.


B. A. Part-II

Paper no-I, Society of India

Paper no-II, Crime and Society

CO1- Getting acquainted with structure and compositionof India society.

CO2- Discussing a brief outline of the making of theIndia society.

CO3- Awareness of contemporary social problems inIndia.

CO4- Introduction to major theories of Punishment andsocial structure and anomie.


B. A. Part-III

Paper-I, Sociology of Tribal Society

Paper-II, Social Research Methods

CO1- Acquaintance with different types of research andissues in research.

CO2- Importing basic Research Skills.

CO3- Analysing the concept of Tribe.

CO4- Understanding sociocultural profile.

CO5- Introduction to various Steps in conductingResearch.

CO6- Understanding problems of Tribal people.