Affiliated To संत गहिरा गुरु विश्वविद्यालय, सरगुजा, अम्बिकापुर, छत्‍तीसगढ़

Principal Message

Dear Students,


Heartly welcome to all in our site.


           In the era of information technology, no one can live inisolation, so also we. Finally we are in the WEB. Our site presents in and outof our college setup, courses, curricula, faculty, research areas andinfrastructure facilities. I am sure you will appreciate our endeavor. Itreally gives me immense pleasure to have the honor of being the principal ofthis newly established college, though it poses many challenges from Academicto Administrative level but the real achievement is to give the best out of thelimited resources. It is aco-educational institution affiliated to Sant Gahira Guru University, Sarguja Ambikapur.GCB, though, is one of the newly established colleges (2008) ofChhattisgarh, has been imparting education where activities pertaining toacademia and administration, leadership and teamwork, teaching and learning,classroom and sports field, laboratory and library etc. are held to cater theneed of students belonging to different backgrounds in order to make them ableto step forward in the field of academics or professional life. We are in the 12th years offunctioning and it gives me an immense pleasure to share with you the rapidprogress of the college not only in academics but also its valuable role in theholistic development of students. Since its establishment, thecollege was functioning in a makeshift arrangement in the in a school with onlyfew classrooms offering only some B.A, B.Sc., and B.Com courses. However, whenthe own college campus was inaugurated in August 2013, various programs likeM.A. Hindi, M.Sc. Chemistry, and some other B.A. courses such as History, B.Sc.Computer Science have been sanctioned to the college in successive years.Our mission is to inculcate goodwill, respect, cooperation and trust among the students through qualityeducation, which is essential for success in life. I am proud of my studentswho have achieved high standards in academics and various co-curricularactivities. I am happy to have a vibrant academic staff that focuses on thedevelopment of students and their personality, encouraging them to develop asense of responsibility and trying to create excellence and perfection byadopting the latest technology through a well-planned academic schedule. Thecollege offers a well-planned curriculum and a lot of co-curricular activitiesall the year round to teach the students skills and core values of life. Ihave a strong faith in my whole staff and students that together we will notlet any stone unturned to make this college one of the leading institutions ofthe state. I extend my bestwishes to all the students who are or want to become a part of this College andsincerely pray for their bright academic career and fruitful life.


Thanking you very much for visiting our site.


With best wishes,


Mr. Nand Kumar Dewangan