Games and Sports



The Purpose of organized physical education,sports and games activities is to create an environment that stimulatesselected movement experiences resulting in desirable responses that contributeto the optimal development of the individual's potentialities in all the phasesof life. The importance of sports and games in school or colleges encompassesmore than just the benefit of physical activity and also increases inself-esteem and mental alertness. It teaches to the student’s about life skillslike teamwork, leadership and patience. The qualities of the leadership,sharing, team spirit and tolerance are learnt from sports. Sports education notonly teaches the students to maintain the physical stamina, but also the habitof obedience, discipline, the determination to win, willpower, etc. In thisdirection, to organize and conduct various activities, Sports and GamesCommittee is formed with the following objectives:




1.       To help students toachieve a health-enhancing life of physical activity.

2.       To help students tounderstand and respect individual differences among people in physicalsettings.

3.       To provide for a safephysical environment.

4.       To provide students witha variety of activities that will enhance life - long learning andparticipation.

5.       To develop superiorindividual / team skills and prowess.

6.       To promote physicalexcellence




To enhance the student knowledge, the committees are formed for the year 2019-20. Staff members with their regular work should promote the student for the concerned activity.Students interested in any activity should contact the chairperson of concerned committee. Moreover any task activity and work assigned by the Principal in the interest of student and institution are to be carried out with the inner most team spirits. The Chairman of the all committees is principal.

Sports Committee :

Members of theCommittee

  1. Mr. Nand Kishor Singh (Co-ordinator)
  2. Mr. Shailesh Kanaujiya
  3. Mr. Suresh Kumar Ravi
  4. Mr. Uday Mandal (Student)


Functions of the Committee

  1. To arrange Inter Class sports events.
  2. To gives regular coaching of athletics and games participants.
  3. To participate in inter college and inter University sports events.
  4. To invite Sports Persons of state level and national level to inspire students.
  5. To arrange the programs of physical fitness and health awareness.