Government College Balrampur isone of the young but rapidly developing colleges of Chhattisgarh. It wasestablished in the year 2008. The people of the area had been asking thegovernment to establish a college in Balrampur town for quite a long time. Inaddition of being the tribe dominating area, Balrampur town is situated at acentral location in Disrict Balrampur.

Science Laboratories

Our Science Laboratories are fully equipped to meet student’s requirements for coursework. There are separate labs for Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Zoology and Chemistry, where students conduct practical experiments in line with their coursework.





Canteen facility

GCBhas a Canteen inside the college premises located at a very natural spot forthe benefit of students, teachers and the non-teaching staff. The canteen providesa variety of healthy and hygiene food items. The Canteen remains open on allworking days.


The library has automatedwith Koha all its library activities to provideeffective and wide range of academic resources such as books, journals, onlinedatabases. TheCollege has a well equipped library with a highly qualified Librarian andlibrary. Quite a good number of text and reference books are available init.  Moreover, Newspapers, educationaljournals, magazines have been provided to the students so that they may keep atrack of the current affairs.The college has awell-equipped library with a compendium of 7329 books, equipped with INFLIBNET.

ComputerEducation (COMPUTERLAB)

The Collegeconsists of well equipped and advanced Branded Computers. The College has avery beautiful separate Computer room with sufficient sitting facilities.Students can opt for computer course like B.Sc. Computer Science degree courses.

SOLAR Initiative in GCB (Green PowerInitiative)

Therehad been huge gap between demand and supply requirement of power in our countrysince very long but power sector now has seen significant improvement in thepast decade. It is clearly visible that majority of the electricity is stillgenerated from fossil fuels that is responsible for carbon emissions, climatechange etc. Hence, the next bigger challenge is “Clean and Green”transformation of this sector. Zero power cut area with the help of a house 05 KWPSPV Power Plant, a vision project of the Chhattisgarh Renewal Energy Science& Technology Promotion Society Raipur with a provision of 20 SPV panels,was also dedicated to the college by Balrampur District Administration.Roof top ON-Grid 05 kW Soalr Photo Voltaic System had beencommissioned. The total of 3,207 kWh units have been generated and utilized forthe use in the campus of GCB. The Solar Energy generated and consumed is about50% of the total energy consumed.


The Government of Chhattisgarh invites applications for Post Metric Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC students, studying in above Class 12th. The aim of the scholarship is to support the post-metric education of students belonging to SC/ST/OBC community in Chhattisgarh. With the help of financial assistance, the scholarship promotes SC/ST/OBC students for higher education.


To encourage students from BPL families to pursue highereducation, State Government has initiated BPL Scholarship scheme inChhattisgarh, under which BPL college-students of all categories are entitledto monthly scholarship.  They are those students who does not get anyscholarship or financial add  from  any other scholarshipscheme.   Under BPL Scholarship Scheme, each eligible student ofgraduation-level is provided total scholarship of Rs 3000, at the rate Rs 300per month, and that of PG-level are provided scholarship of total Rs 5000, atthe rate of Rs 500 per month.


The student population of India forms the largest student body in theworld, it would make the 4th biggest country in terms of population. It’scertain, that this pool of potential talent emerging from demographictransition would ride India towards becoming a global power. The Oxy-ReadingZone will boast a Youth with capacity of 200 sitting capacity in the open air.The green campus of the college provides for ambient natural light and pleasanttemperature by reducing heat effects. A number of casual relaxed open areas,trees having medicinal and aromatic values, tree shades across the campusprovides a tranquil environment for well-being of students.


The Purpose of organized physical education, sports and gamesactivities is to create an environment that stimulates selected movementexperiences resulting in desirable responses that contribute to the optimaldevelopment of the individual's potentialities in all the phases of life. Theimportance of sports and games in school or colleges encompasses more than justthe benefit of physical activity and also increases in self-esteem and mentalalertness. It teaches to the student’s about life skills like teamwork,leadership and patience. The qualities of the leadership, sharing, team spiritand tolerance are learnt from sports. Sports education not only teaches thestudents to maintain the physical stamina, but also the habit of obedience,discipline, the determination to win, willpower, etc.


Help Desk provides students&teachers with a professional support team that they can call for answers to allissueson dependable Support Available 2hrs every day. Help desk Services Available for Students and Teachers.


In an attempt prevent issues such as ragging,eve-teasing and stalking at college efficiently, the college administration setcomplaint and suggestion box in college premise. The aim of putting thecomplaint box at the college is creating a strong sense of confidence amongstudents in the institution that they can pursue their courses in a fearlessatmosphere, away from all sorts of campus evils. The facility will help police,students and college managements in early prevention and detection of crimes.


It is inevitable that sometime during the classthe student is at college he/she will get hurt or sick.  College has anemergency room to care for students who are injured or sick.  A good firstaid kit never substitutes for a sympathetic parent, but when our student is onhis own, he will be grateful if he has the necessary tools to help himself.Youth Red Cross manage the facility.


TheNational School Safety Policy Guidelines apply to the college. GCB college must always understand the Importance of FirePrevention and be a fire safe place for our students. Educational institutionfire safety measures, fire devices, fire drills, fire exits, fire escapes firealarms are just components of a good college fire safety measures. College hasinstalled fire extinguishers in the college prime locations.


The green boards is more pleasing to the eye than black, lighter inweight, more durable and cost-effective.


Outside the classroom, students use displayboards to promote clubs, recognize athletics and display artprojects. The purpose of the display board inthat context is to catch the viewer's attention and explain what was performedand what was learned.


To facilitate our female students, the Campus hasestablished a spacious and comfortable common room. This space has beendesigned to give female students a place to relax, study, have informaldiscussions in free time available. Daily newspapers, magazines, periodical andjournals are available for leisure reading. Female students appreciate thisfacility a great deal. National Service Scheme  (NSS)

NSS is a part of theYouth Welfare Programme of the Government of India and its main objective isthe development of the personality of students through community service.Thestudent, who volunteers to participate in a 7-day special camp (work camp) anda mini-camp as well as devotes 240 hours to community service within a periodof two years in the course of study, gets a national merit certificate, signedby the Vice Chancellor and issued by the University. NSS volunteers who havecertificates are eligible for a merit mark of 3 for their University admissionand  10 grace marks in selection inpolice service. NSS unit has 100 activists.

ProgrammeOfficer- Mr. Ramesh Patel

National  Cadet  Corps(NCC)

NCC is aNational Organisation that is meant to develop character, comradeship, ideal ofservice and capacity for leadership. The training the cadets receive, issupposed to stimulate in them an interest in the defence of the country. In anycase, it will be considered an additional qualification for Public Service. The National Cadet Corps was established in thecollege in 2017 with only 18 cadets in first year (total allotted vacancies-54)to impart training and officer like qualities to them such that they are alwaysready for the service of the country. The NCC activities carried out undermentor ship of 28 CG Battalion NCC Raigarh, Chhattisgarh.For NCC candidates, the bonus marks will be awarded on the basisof the NCC certificate signed by the Director and issued by the Directorate ofNCC to the candidates who have secured at least 75% of attendance after havingparticipated in the activities during the course of study immediately precedingthe course for which admission is sought. Weight age marks given by theUniversity for NCC Cadets are as follows:

                                                Activities                                                                  Grace Mark

i    10Day Annual Training Camp/75% Parade Attendance                                                  1.2
ii   Certificate B                                                                                                                   1.6
iii  Certificate C                                                                                                                   2.0
iv  NIC/TSC/NSC/VSC/NCC Sports (National Level) / Adventure                                      2.4
     Camps (National Level) CentrallyOrganized Camps / Inter
     Group Competition
v  RD Parade – Camp (National Level) / YEP                                                                        2.8
(Youth Exchange Programme)

In-charge :  Dr. S N Sahu.

Protected Drinking Water provided

Drinkingwater is essential to health — and the availability of safe and free drinkingwater is essential to student success. Young people are not consuming enough water, rather pickingsugar-sweetened refreshments (soft drinks, sports drinks, caffeinated drinks,milk, coffees, and fruit-flavored drinks with added sugars), 100%natural product juice, and different drinks. Drinking adequate amount ofwater can prompt enhanced weight status, lessened dental cavity, and boostcognition among youngsters and youths.

College provides clean and hygienic drinking water with the help ofReverse Osmosis treatment system which has been installed in for the benefit ofstudents and staff.


Havingsmart, innovative parking solutionsis important for college campuses.GCB is proud to have  cycle/motor cycleparking facilities in our College Green campus.


The College is on the main road to the Balrampur city. Scores of public transport buses ply before the College campus and many day students use this service.

CCTV’s Surveillance

CCTV digital video security cameras can play a major role in helping protect a college campus.Providing proper video surveillance over an entire campus community is almost like monitoring a small city. There are so many different types of facilities and settings that require continuous monitoring, with the safety of students, faculty, and school property at stake.